Tuesday, April 10, 2018
By Ken Wilson
Farmers Markets - From Field to Table

Organic vegetables on a stand at a farmers market with a sign reading locally grown

Spring is in the air. Azaleas and Dogwoods are in bloom and many other flowers and trees are showing their new growth. Spring is that time when we can get out of the house and work in the yard, start preparing and planting the garden with fresh flowers and vegetables. Then tending the new growth by keeping the weeds away, watering, fertilizing and adding a dose love for good measure. Your home is going to be the talk of the neighborhood and maybe a "Yard of the Month" award is in the offing.

While we are preparing our homes for the Spring, the local farmers have also been preparing for the Spring growing season. They have been tilling, preparing the soil and planting a wide variety of vegetables and fruits that they will be offering to the public at their local Farmers Market.

One of the great American institutions beginning in the Spring and continuing through farmers-market-local-produce-520the Fall is the Farmers Market. It seems that every township provides a place, usually on the weekend, for local farmers to bring their freshly grown fair for us to buy and enjoy. Local artisans also take advantage of these markets to display their wares. Whether it be homemade bread, farm fresh eggs, soap, crafts, and much more make these markets a treasure chest of local gold. All of these markets provide a place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables that usually were picked that day. So, not only do you know that it is fresh, but you get to meet and establish a relationship with the local farmers that grew it. You can have a conversation with the artisans that baked the bread, harvested the eggs or made the soap. This personal touch is what really makes these markets special.

FARMERS MARKETDo you want to know what kind of chickens are laying the eggs you are buying? Just ask. Why are some eggs white and some brown? Just ask. How about that head of cabbage the size of a basketball? They will be glad to tell you about growing it. One of the most satisfying things to do at the market is to take the time to talk to farmers and artisans. This is especially a good time for the kids to learn about where and how their food is grown. Watching someone making soap or a candle or a taste of homemade preserves allow you to understand the labor, love, and pride these people enjoy. I bet your children will be chomping at the bit (sorry for the pun) to come back each week. It is wonderful family fun.

Today, with the renewed interest in organically grown and locally sourced food the farmers-market-veggiesFarmers Market allows you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt where your food came from. At the same time, it provides a means to the local farmers to benefit from the income we provide for their hard work. It's the American Way.

Below is a list of some of the local Farmers Markets in our area with links to their website or Facebook page. The list is not complete and you can search Facebook or Google for other markets. It is good to go to a few of them to see which one interests you. Then pick one and become a steady customer. You may end up getting "favored customer" discounts.


Here's our list. Remember to pay attention to what day and times they are open:

Flowery Branch


If you find this post helpful, please leave a comment below and feel free to add any information you have on other markets in our area.


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